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Slim Minimalist Wallet

Dark Brown


Style# 4125


Polyrama slim minimalist wallet. The wallet features distressed genuine leather with brown stitching. The thin and sleek styling holds folded currency and cards without creating bulk. This design has 5 sleeves for cards and 1 sleeve for currency, easily holding up to 10 cards and 20 folded bills. Dimensions are 3.25 X 4.375 inches in size.


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Received 5 stars
"Exactly what I was looking for at a great price!"
-Maggie (KY)

Received 5 stars
"Bought this item as a gift for my husband. He needed a wallet that could hold his essentials that wasn't bulky; as being a Marine he is not authorized to. This is PERFECT! He can have this wallet on his person, even in his form fitting Dress Blues, with it being completely discreet :)"
-Danielle (OH)

Received 4 of 5 stars
"It is very thin and well-built. My only complaint is that the three overlapping pockets for credit cards are too tight and overlap too much, so it's not easy to use all three of them. I usually leave the middle one empty."
-Karl (CA)